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Baking Basic Utensils (Part 1)

Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon is useful for beating, mixing and stirring because they do not conduct heat or scratch non-stick surfaces.





Piping Bags & Nozzles

Piping bags comes with reusable and disposable bags.  The reusable bags should be washed thoroughly after use and dried inside out to prevent odours occuring.  Disposable bags are more convenient and hygiene.  It comes in the form of transparent plastic.




Nozzles comes in different sizes and various shaped opening.  In the market, nozzles can comes in the form of plastic or metal.  Nozzles must be washed thoroughly to prevent the cream sticking at the corner of the nozzles and harden.  It makes cleaning of the nozzles more difficult next time you want to use it.




Graters with perforations of different sizes are designed for specific functions, from grating cheese to citrus zest or even spices.





Cooling Rack

Cooling Rack with footed metal grids enable air to circulate around food during cooling.

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