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Baking Basic Utensils (Part 2)


Mixers comes with hand-held or self-standing types.  They are used to make creaming mixtures, mixing  batters and whisking whites (easier than by hand).

There are few types of mixing bowls.  Stainless steel mixing bowls are durable and are good conductors of heat and cold.  Heatproof bowls are essensial for slow heating over a water bath.  Glass and ceramic bowls need to be sufficiently heavy to sit firmly in place while ingredients are combined.


Flour Sieves

Flour sieves and ideal for incorporating air into flour or dusting flour onto work surfaces.  Siever also be used when decorating or dusting with cocoa powder or icing sugar.





Whisks beat air into ingredients and remove lumps.  Balloon whisks consist of loops of stainless steel joined by a handle.  They range from large ones for whisking egg whites to smaller ones for batters and sauces.  While the normal spring whisk (as in pic) is used for whisking eggs.



Pastry Brush

Pastry brushes come in many types of sizes.  Some made from plastic (commonly used as it is more economical) and some made from nylon or natural bristles.  Pastry brushes are used for glazing.  Brush should be washed and dried thoroughly before storage and seperate brushes should be used for oil and butter.  Note: Care should be taken when using nylon bristles with very hot liquids as the bristle may melt.




Spatulas are used for scraping a bowl completely clean and getting residue out of blenderand food processor bowls.  Rubber spatulas are more flexible than plastic ones but do tend to absorb colour and flavour, so you may need to keep seperate spatulas for sweet and savoury use.  Plastic spatulas are more convenient to use and easy to clean but not as flexible as the rubbers.

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