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Basic Cupcake (Whipping Cream / Fresh Cream)


Whipping Cream

Whipping cream or some of us called it as fresh cream is the most convenient cream used for cake or cup cakes decoration.  Now you can even buy the ready made Whipping cream at the supermarket.  It is also the most healthy cream to be usedas compared to butter cream and icing cream.  Despite it is convenient and healthy, it also more expensive comparatively (1 liter Whipping Cream can be ranged from RM11.00 onwards).


Fresh Whipped Cream

Before using the Whipped Cream, put into the chiller until completely dissolved (Looks like milk).  Note: Unused Whipped Cream must be refrigerated and can be frozen.

Pour the liquid cream into a chilled bowl.  Note: Cream should not exceed 20% of the bowl capacity.


Whipped the Cream

Whip at medium or high speed until peaks form and cream not sticking to the bowl.  Best whipping temperature should maintain between 4 to 6 degree celcius.




Piping Cream

Whipping Cream can be used as a base to cakes or put into piping bags as decorative.  You may put in colouring for decorative purpose.  Whipping Cream can be used for more than a week if stored into refrigeration.

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