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Movida draught Beer Tower Promotion

  Get special Carlsberg Draught Beer Tower with special price from 12.00 Noon till 9.00PM daily. 1 Tower @ RN50++ Only 2 Towers @ RM90++ Only Check special prices for special hours at Movida. Do contact Movida for reservation and more information. Please refer to poster on the right.

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Language of Mixology (T)

       Toddy – Originally a hot drink made with spirits, sugar, spices such as cinnamon, cloves etc., and a lemon peel mixed with hot water and served in a tall glass.  Now Toddy also be served cold with ice with any combination of spices and spirits. Tot – A small amount of any […]

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Language of Mixology (S)

Sangaree – A tall drink containing chilled spirits, wine, or beer, sometimes sweetened and given a good dusting with grated nutmeg.      Shooter – A straight shot of whisky or other kind of spirit taken neat.  Also called Neat. Shrub – Spirits, fruits juices, and sugar, aged in a sealed container such as a […]

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