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Restoran Mee Rebus Ramli

          The mee rebus soup here are not too hot nor too sweet.  The creamy thick soup makes the mee taste even nicer.  The Restoran Mee Rebus Ramli is just like ann ordinary non air-cond mamak stall which famous for its mee.  HQ at Kuala Kangsar and branch at Jln Yang Kalsom […]

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Stir fried Durian Ice-Cream (1 Utama)

Over stir fry any ice cream before.  Last time people use to talk about deep fried ice cream.  Now, here at 1 Utama (New Wing near the Tart stall), there is a stall selling stir fried durian ice cream.  The ice cream is creamy and sooo .. Durian.  You can even feel teel the durian […]

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Jalan Mendaling Kajang Fried Kuey Tiew

This stall has been operated by husband and wife for many many years.  I was just pass by the places one day and saw the shop.  Feel like having my supper then, so we stop by to eat. The first time I tried, I was so shock that stall like this can serve such delicious […]

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