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Chocolate Cup Cakes


Chocolate Cupcakes


Mixture A:

8 oz self rasing flour
8 oz castor sugar
4 eggs
8 oz butter / margerine
4 tbsp cocoa powder (Add more for stronger taste of chocolate)


Mixture B:


Mix Chocolate Milk

1/2 cup milk mix with 2 tbsp cocoa powder






Beat the sugar and butter/margerine until fluffy. 





Beat eggs


Beat the eggs seperately until fluffy.





Mixing flour


Add in the flour, milk and beaten eggs into the butter mixture and stir well.






Adding Chocolate Milk

Add in cocoa powder and chocolate milk (Mixture B) and stir well.





Chocolate Cupcake mixture

The mixture should be smooth and creamy.





Chocolate Cupcake mixture

Place the mixture into the paper cups.





Chocolate Cupcakes


Bake at 180 – 190 degree celcius around 15 minutes (for medium cup).  Increase baking time for bigger cup. Estimate serving: 50 cup cakes (medium).

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