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Durian Dodol


Dodol Durian

500 gm tepung pulut, 400 gm castor sugar (may reduce if intend to be less sweet), 400 gm gula melaka, 1 liter coconut milk, fresh durian paste (2 – 3 durian, may put in more as preferred)




Durian Paste

Smashed the durian paste.





Chopped gula melaka

Finely chopped the gula melaka so that its easier to dissolve into the coconut milk.





Coconut milk & sugar

Put sugar and gula melaka into coconut milk.  Pour into a pan and cook the mixture until sugar dissolved.





Mix in flour

Mix in the flour.  Note: Put the flour into a bowl.  Make a hole in the middle of the flour.  Put in the coconut milk mixture bit by bit un the center of the flour and stir well.





Dodol mixture

Put the dodol mixture into the pan.  Cooked the mixture until the mixture become thick and non sticky to the pan.  Add in the durian paste when the mixture are cooked.  Note: The dodol mixture are cooked if its not stick to the pan and the mixture looks shinny.