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Jalan Alor Stalls

Fried Kuey TiawFried LalaFried Kuey Jalan Alor StallsChicken WingsJalan Alor has been well-knowned for its makan stalls for many years.  Not only it famous among the localss, but also the tourist.  There, you can find varieties of hawker food such as the famous chicken wing, fried noodles, fried lala, porridge etc ..  The price may be slightly pricy as its a favourite spot for tourist but still affordable for a simple dinner meal.  If you wanted to try the best food, you must look carefully as there may be too many stalls for you to choose at.  But not too worry, as the food there are not bad afterall.

Location: Jalan Alor

Operating Hours: Dinner & Supper

Specialties: Chicken Wing, fried kuew tiaw, fried lala, porridge