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Jalan Mendaling Kajang Fried Kuey Tiew

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This stall has been operated by husband and wife for many many years.  I was just pass by the places one day and saw the shop.  Feel like having my supper then, so we stop by to eat. The first time I tried, I was so shock that stall like this can serve such delicious fried mee and rice cake.  It as good as the fried rice cake and fried kuey tiew that I had at Penang!!  The rice cake is not too hard nor sticky and the texture just nice for frying. The mee and rice cake was well fried and by the look of it u cannot resist!  Don’t believe me, just try it and you’ll see…. You’ll sure ask for more.   The boss also very friendly and nice.  If you don’t like the hot place, you can order for take away.

Location: Lot 22 – 23, Jalan Medaling, Kajang ( Few shop from Maybank Kajang, just at the Mendaling Lorong)

Operating Hours: 6:00pm – 10:30pm

Specialties: Fried Mee & Fried Rice Cake – RM3.50 onwards

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