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Kajang Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fan

Chee Cheong FanChee Cheong Fan (1) Don’t be surprise if you able to find nice food at any corner of the place.  Here at Kajang main market, one of the food stall is selling Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fan.  The noodles are so think that it canjust slipped through your mouth.  The filling you can either just put in the prawn, char siew (roast pork) or even both.  As for the gravy, the soya sauce, topped with fried onion and special blend chili paste is simply a perfect combination for this HK Chee Cheong Fan.  You try and you’ll definately come again.

Location:  Kajang main market food stall

Operating Hours: Lunch (around 11:00am – 2:00pm)