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Language of Mixology (B-C)

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Bang! – A term of our own invention used to identify double or tripple-flavour reinforced drinks such as Cherry Bang! Which is the combination of cherry juice, cherry liqueur and cherry brandy.

Cobbler – A tall drink traditionally served in a highball or Collins glass filled with finely crushed ice and decorated with fresh fruit and mint sprigs.  It may use any type of wine with or without sweetener.

Chaser – A mixer that is tossed down the gullet after one has drunk a straight shot of whisky or other spirit instead of being combined with a spirit in a glass.  Its mean, a shot glass of whisky followed by a beer chaser.

Collins – Basically a sour in a tall glass with club soda or seltzer water.  The famous Tom Collins made with gin has been extended to include everything from applejack (a Jack Collins) to Irish whisky (Mike Collins). 

Cooler – There are many recipes for coolers, which all have these things in common: true coolers are made with ginger ale, club soda, or other types of carbonated beverage, and the rind of a lemon or orrange, cut in a continuous spiral, with one end hooked over the rim of the glass.  All coolers are served in tall glasses such as Collins glass, which is sometimes called a cooler glass.

Crusta – A short drink of the sour type served in a glass that is completely lined with an orange or lemon peel cut in a continuous strip.  Any spirit may used as the base for this drink, but the Brandy Crusta was the prototype.

Cup – A punch-type drink that is made by the cup or glass instead of in a punch bowl.