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Language of Mixology (Cocktail)

Tropica Lime CocktailTequila Sunrise CocktailPinacolada CocktailShrimp Cocktail A combination of spirits (including wines) and flavorings, sweeteners, and garnishes of various kinds intended to be consumed before dining.  Today, the coctails term is used interchangeable with aperitif.  The usual cocktail recipe consists of a base. such as gin, whisky, rum, brandy, vodka or even a wine such as sherry, champagne, or in some cases a table wine; to which is added and accent spirit, e.g., triple sec, or a wine, e.g., Madeira; and often a sweetener (sugar syrup), and flavouring (orange juice) with or without garnishes (marraschino cherry).  The base, accent, sweetener (if required), and flavouring is the basic formula for almost all cocktails.  The exceptions are usually concoctions called cocktails that are no more like a cocktails than champagne is like a can of club soda.