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Language of Mixology (F)

Gin FixFix – A sour type drink similar to the Daisy and traditionally made with pineapple syrup and served with crushed ice in a large goblet with straws (if required).



Ramos Gin FizzBrandy FizzFizz – There are many fine old recipes for Fizzes, which are, as the name suggests, product of the old siphon bottle that ‘fizzed’ the drink with a stream of bubbles as it was being made.  The Gin Fizz is typical and similar to the Tom Collins.


Sherry FlipBrandy FlipFlip – A creamy, cold drink made of eggs, sugar, and wine or spirit.  The best known are Brandy Flip and Sherry Flip.



Brandy FrappeFrappe – Anything served with finely crushed ice.