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Language of Mixology (O to R)

Whiskey On-The-RockOn-The-Rock – Any wine or spirit poured over ice cubes, usually in an Old Fashioned glass.  Also called LowBall.

Pick-Me-Up – Any concoction designed to allay the effects of overindulgence in alcoholic beverages.


White Wine Posset Posset – An old English invention consisting of a mixture of hot wine, milk and spices.  Eggs are often used, with or without milk, and ale was sometimes used in combination with wine or used in place of it.


Rickey GinRickey – A drink made with gin or other spirit, lime jiuce, and club soda, usually served with ice in a small highball or Rickey glass, with or without sweetening.

Puff – A combination of spirits and milk mixed in equal parts and topped with club soda.  Usually served with old fashined glass.