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Language of Mixology (S)

SangareeSangaree – A tall drink containing chilled spirits, wine, or beer, sometimes sweetened and given a good dusting with grated nutmeg.



Vodka with mint shot Shooter – A straight shot of whisky or other kind of spirit taken neat.  Also called Neat.

Shrub – Spirits, fruits juices, and sugar, aged in a sealed container such as a cask or crock, then usually bottled.


Singapore Gin Sling Sling – A tall drink made with lemon juice, sugar, and mint, usually served cold with club soda.  The most famous Sling is the Singapore Gin Sling.



Smash Smash – A short Julep made spirits, sugar and mint, usually served in an Old Fashioned glass.



Brandy Sour Sour – A short drink made of lemon or lime jiuce, sugar and spirits.  The Whisky Sour is the classic Sour.


Rum Swizzle Swizzle – Originally a tall rum cooler filled with cracked ice that was swizzled with a long twig or stirring rod or spoon rotated rapidly between the palms of the hands to produce frost on the glass.  The Swizzle, a Carribean invention, is made with any kind of spirit today and is traditionally served in a tall highball or Collins glass.

Syllabub Syllabub – An old English recipe consisting of milk, cream, sugar & spices, blended with sherry, port, or Madeira to produce a very sweet, creamy mixture that is often served in a sherbet glass as a dessert.  In a more liquid form, it may be drunk like a Posset.