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Loh Mee Stall (Happy Happy Restaurant)

Claypot Lo Shu FanLoh MeeLoh Mee StallThis stall famous for its Loh Mee.  With the thick and creamy gravy and home made noodles, you sure will come again for another pot.  The gravy has the sweet taste of prawns as well as eggs.  For a more unique taste, lets add in some vinegar to the gravy to bring out the taste of the Loh Mee.  As the noodles are freshly made, the taste is very nice.  Not a very high class the place but a very economical one big bowl of Loh Mee to fill up your appetite.

Location: Kajang Town (Near Ambank)

Operating Hours: Lunch

Specialties: Loh Mee & Claypot Low Shu Fan – RM4.00