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Malaysia delicious food and restaurant promotion - Page 162
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Sushi Zanmai Promotion

Try the Sushi Zanmai “Hotate Specials”: 2nd till 8th January – nama hotate kimi yaki at RM15.80 9th till 15th January – hotate omelette steak at RM12.80 16th till 22nd January – nama hotate ikura gunkan sushi at RM6.00 Call for enquiries: 1 Utama at 03-7724 2030 The Gardens at 03-2282 1160 Sunway Pyramid at […]

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Empayar Seremban Siew Pow

Many of you know that Seremban is famous for their siew pow, but which stalls to go to as at Seremban there are many shops selling siew pow!  This restaurant have been selling siew pow for many years and it’s a favourite place for the tourist as they have many varieties of food you may […]

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F4 Fish Head

Located within a huge factory and having our lunches or dinner there is really something different for me.  The place not too fancy but really huge, kind of remind me of a over size school canteen.  Here, among the factories, you can find a tasty Steamed Trout Fish Head.  Its origine was from the famous […]

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