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Raisins Cupcakes

Raisins Cupcakes

8 oz self rasing flour
7 oz castor sugar
4 eggs
8 oz butter / margerine
4 – 5 tbsp milk

100 grams raisins



Beat the sugar and butter/margerine until fluffy. 





Mixing flour
Add in the flour, milk and eggs into the butter mixture and stir well.






Adding raisins

 Add in the raisins & mix well. You may replace the raisins to other dried fruits.  If you intend to replace the raisins with nuts, use 8 oz of sugar.





Raisins Cupcake mixture












The mixture should be smooth and creamy. 

Bake at 180 – 190 degree celcius around 15 minutes (for medium cup).  Increase baking time for bigger cup. Estimate serving: 50 cup cakes (medium).

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