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Restoran Bukit Jugra (Banting)

Another specialty of Banting whicih is the Beggar’s Chicken.  Something special and yet very healthy.  The chicken wrapped with herbs and spices and placed inside a big hole underground.  It is then covered with sand and flaming charcoal is set on top of it.  The flaming charcoal will heat up the whole as a giant microwave.  The beggar’s chicken is cooked for about few hours until well done.  The herbs and spices are well absorbed into the meat makes beggar’s chicken even more tastier and juicy.  This specialty you can only get it at Banting and upon reservation only.  So Hurry Up and make the call today!

Location: Bukit Jugra

Contact: 03-3120 2515

Operating Hours: 1:00pm – 8:00pm (Upon reservation)

Specialties: Beggar’s Chicken/Duck/Pig/Leg/Stomach/Mutton, Traditional Fish, Longevity Soup, Seafood