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Tupai-tupai Restaurant & Cafe

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Located at the center of KL, there is a unique Malay house serving Malay cuisine and steamboat.  During lunch time, many KL working people come to this restaurant either for their 1 hour lunch or meeting customers.  Malay style nicely decorated restaurant definately a place to relax and hang around while enjoying their food especially for those having a long stressful day!  The varieties of dishes such as seafood like ikan bakar, fried sweet and sour sotong, and butter prawn, tom yam soup, fried kai lan or other vegetables, ulam and 3 flavoured chicken, makes you keep on coming.

Location: No 551, Jalan Bukit Petaling, 50460 KL

Contact: 03-2143 2525 (Tel), 03-2144 5921 (Fax)

Operating Hours: Lunch (Malay Cuisine), Dinner (Buffet Steamboat) 

Specialties: Malay Cuisine – Ikan Bakar, Tom Yam, Butter Prawn, Dessert & Buffet Steamboat